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In-Salon Treatment

Discover the ultimate pampering experience for your hair with the in-salon treatment from the Milbon Gold series. This luxurious care line offers your hair a unique combination of high-quality ingredients. Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite hair management and experience incomparable suppleness and radiance that will enchant your senses.

Indulging Hydration gives your hair intensive moisture and revitalizes it from the ground up. Illuminating Glow brings radiant shine and vibrancy to your curls. Vitalizing Dimension gives your hair dimensional vitality, strengthens it and gives an impressive, healthy look. Discover unique care for every facet of your hair beauty

Experience luxury in the salon! Book the Milbon Gold in-salon treatment for transformative hair care on my booking page and pamper your hair exclusively.

Indulging Hydration In-Salon Treatment

Pamper your hair with Indulging Hydration, a deep moisturizer for unparalleled vibrancy and silky hair. Our exclusive 5-step deep care uses spring water algae extract, which increases moisture 5 times compared to hyaluronic acid. The lasting effect of the treatment lasts an impressive 5 weeks.

Vitalizing dimension of the in-salon treatment


Experience the vitalizing dimension of the in-salon treatment that revitalizes your hair and gives it suppleness, strength and liveliness. Our exclusive 5-step deep treatment contains a strengthening pearl peptide with over 10 different amino acids that invigorates hair from the inside out. The impressive effects of this treatment last up to 5 weeks.

Illuminating Glow In-Salon Treatment

Immerse yourself in the Illuminating Glow In-Salon Treatment to enrich your hair and give it a radiant, luminous shine. Our exclusive 5-step deep treatment uses rare golden silk with its luxurious texture and shimmering shine to give your hair a captivating radiance. The impressive effect of the treatment lasts up to 5 weeks.

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